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TBS8510 transcoding system is upgraded to V3, which has many new functions and make the transcoder more powerful.

TBS8510 supports to output multiple streams for one single profile, and it can even make these streams in different protocol.

TBS8510 supports to map-out the video in a LAN network directly. As long as we create a QR code for the video link, our families, friends or customers can easily what the video by scanning the Code.

TBS8510 is now with latest V3 Kylone transcoding system, which is fully compatible with all TBS modulator cards, like TBS6004 Quad DVB-C modulator card, TBS6104 Quad DVB-T modulator card and so on. In the case, we can easily change H.265 streams to H.264 streams and broadcast in old DVB-C or DVB-T system.

The new V3 system of TBS8510 transcoder adds support for TBS6900 Dual CI network PCIe card. It is exciting that we can handle and transcode encrypted channels now.

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