TBS2603 PoE NDI®|HX Supported H.265/H.264 Video Encoder / Decoder


TBS2603 PoE NDI®|HX Supported H.265/H.264 Video Encoder / Decoder

  • Model: TBS2603 PoE
  • Weight: 510.00g
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TBS2603 PoE is a NDI®|HX supported H.264/H.265 video Encoder, a professional HD video Encoder/ Decoder, and a HDMI/USB video recorder. With PoE(Power over Ethernet)support, it will receive electrical power as well as the data from a standard Ethernet cable, which made the installation simpler than normal encoders and no need power supply anymore. What's more, PoE injectors and switches will not damage any equipment, IEEE802.3af/at/bt compliant PoE technology is safe.

As an encoder, TBS2603 PoE allows to send your video source through the local network, over Ethernet in normal protocol of HTTP/HLS/RTSP/RTP/UDP/RTMP/RTMPS, or in NDI®|HX streams for use with other NDI®|HX compatible systems.

As a decoder, TBS2603 PoE supports video source from HDMI video, IP streams or NDI®|HX streams. It supports "H.265 Main Profile, Level 4.1 & H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 4.2" decode. Up to H.265 Main 1920x1080@60fps decode.

TBS2603 PoE NDI®|HX use a high efficiency, low bandwidth form of NDI®, which allows to send your HDMI video source through your local network, over Ethernet for use with other NDI®|HX compatible systems. It helps to connect your video cameras and other devices to your live production system, video applications or streaming devices.


  • Visual input (Preview)
  • HDMI video input, UVC Camera input or NDI®|HX streams input.
  • NDI®|HX streams output, HDMI video out, or USB output for recording
  • H.264/H.265 Encode & Decode, up to 1920x1080P_H.265@60fps Encode. And H.265 Main Profile, Level 4.1 Decode
  • HDMI-embedded & Line-in Audio input
  • AAC, MP3, MP2, PCMA audio encoding
  • MP4/TS/FLV/MKV/MOV format recording
  • Bitrate is adjustable 500kbit/s ~ 20Mbit/s
  • Support HTTP, HLS(m3u8), SRT, RTP/UDP Unicast, Multicast, RTSP, RTMP/RTMPS, ONVIF
  • Support NDI | HX2 based on NDI 5.x
  • Support inserting Logo, Text, Mosaics and Time Display to the video
  • Support output displayed video resolution and frame rate setting (max 1920x1080P@60hz)


  • NDI Decoding
  • IPTV
  • Live broadcasting to Social Media


Model Number TBS2603 PoE
Video Input 1x HDMI 1.4, NDI®|HX streams, 1x USB2.0 from UVC Camera
Audio Input HDMI-embedded, Line-in (Jack 3.5mm)
OLED display IP, input video resolution, CPU utilization, Core temperature
Video Input Resolution 1920x1080P_50/60HZ, 1920x1080I_50/60HZ, 1280x720P 50/60HZ
720x576, 640x480, 360p, and etc.
Video Output Resolution 1920x1080P@60fps; 1680x1050; 1280x720; 1024x576; 850x480;
720x576; 720x480; 640x480; 480x360; 360x240; auto; customized and etc.
Video Encode H264 Base line, H264 Main, H264 High, H265 Main
Video Bit Rate 0.5Mbps-20Mbps
Bit Rate Control CBR, VBR, AVBR, FIXQP
Protocol NDI®|HX, HTTP, HLS(M3U8), RTSP, SRT, RTP/ UDP Unicast/ Multicast, RTMP(RTMPS)
Audio Encode AAC, MP3, MPEG2, PCMA
Audio Sampling rate 16K, 32K, 44.1K, 48K
Audio Sampling precision 16 bit
Audio Bit Rate 32Kb/s ~ 256Kb/s
Network Stream IN
Video H264 Baseline, Main, High Level 4.2; H265 Main, Level 4.1
Audio MPEG2, MP3, AAC
Protocol NDI®|HX stream, HTTP, RTSP, RTP/UDP, SRT, RTMP (pull), RTMP push(it can be another media server push to Encoder)
Video code H.265 Main Profile, Level 4.1, H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 4.2
Audio code Mpeg2, MP3, AAC
Source HDMI in decode; Network stream decode, NDI decode
USB record To USB flash disk or USB hard disk
Format *.MP4, *.TS, *.FLV, *.MKV, *.MOV
Ethernet / RJ45 1000 Base-T Ethernet interface IEEE 802.3af PoE supported
Supported System Windows XP/ VISTA/ SERVER/ WIN7/ WIN10, Linux, MAC OS
Control WebUI
General Spec.
Dimension 100 * 60 * 31.5mm
Power Consumption Less than 6W