TBS690A 4 Input DVB-ASI Capture Card


TBS690A 4 Input DVB-ASI Capture Card

  • Model: TBS690A
  • Weight: 120.00g
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TBS690A is a DVB-ASI capture card with 4 channels input, which is used to receive DVB transport streams, and the transport streams can be single programs or multi programs. TBS690A is ideal for high-density applications requiring up to four ASI inputs, the input channels can run independently. With minimal power consumption, TBS690A is tailored for industrial applications where reliability is an option.

Main Features:

  • DVB-ASI input
  • Compatible with DVB Standard
  • Four receiver channels on the same PCI-e card
  • Full DVB-ASI throughput of 140 Mbps per channel
  • Bandwidth can be divided as required between the ports
  • Signal quality sensing support in hardware


  • IPTV Servers
  • ASI to IP conversion 
  • Datacasting and monitoring
  • Electronic Program Guides (EPG's)
  • Broadcast TV


Model TBS690A
Interface PCI-E x1
Input 4x ASI embedded Video/Audio
Form Factor Standard-height
Connector BNC
Data input DVB-ASI Transport Stream (MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC/H.265 or JPEG2000 compliant transport stream)
Video Formats DVB ASI Coaxial, DVB Transport Stream
Video Interfaces DVB-ASI at 140Mb/s
Receive FIFO Size 4 KB per channel
OS and Driver Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Linux
Power 390mA & 12V
temperature 0~60℃
Dimension 11.5 * 12 * 2.1cm
Weight 120g