TBS690B Quad DVB ASI Output Transmit PCIe Card


TBS690B Quad DVB ASI Output Transmit PCIe Card

  • Model: TBS690B
  • Weight: 500.00g

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TBS690B is a Quad output DVB-ASI transmit PCI-e card, which can convert transport stream to DVB-ASI signal, with PCI-e interface, it can use together with servers or PC which have PCI-e slot to receive hi-speed IP streams comes from headend devices or IP streams comes from TV studios and transform these streams to ASI. Moreover, it has the function to resist the IP transporting shake, and to restore the PCR of the TS stream.

TBS690B converter could combine with a lot of TBS products to use, it is ideal for digital TV Broadcasting System, IPTV System, Head-end system of Digital TV branch network.


  • 4 DVB-ASI output
  • Separate management port
  • Processing Hi-speed streams
  • Supports UDP/RTP, unicast and multicast mode
  • Software upgrade over web interface
  • Built-in transport stream analyzer
  • Long lifespan
  • Extremely low power consumption


  • Digital TV Broadcasting System
  • Digital TV Programs Transmission
  • IPTV System
  • Head-end system of Digital TV branch network
  • CATV Broadcasting system
  • Edge side of Digital TV backbone network


Interface PCIe 1x
Function DVB- ASI transmitter
DVB-ASI connector 75-Ω BNC (4x)
Transmit bitrate 0 ~ 140Mbit/s
Transmit bitrate stability ±2ppm
Output 4 DVB-ASI output (140Mbps per channel)
Stream input rtp/udp/http, local ts file
Stream output TS
Jitter tolerance 1--120ms
Output return loss >15dB
Supported system Linux
Power consumption Less than 10W
Dimension 105 * 92.3mm (length * width)
Weight 380g
Package Contents 1x TBS690B
1X DC line