TBS6982 DVB-S2 Dual Tuner PCIe Card

1. TBS6982 Windows driver is updated to V1.0.0.6, which fix when resume from sleep can not continue play issue.

TBS Open Source Linux Driver Offline Package
TBS Open Source Linux Driver Offline Package v20220424
md5: 67e7b5f4dd5aa2620d2cdd159efef04d
IR Software
TBS IR Software
md5: 4c93e00d9e7fc3938aaabcfc9f35e89f
TBS Blind Scan v3.0.2.2
TBS Blind Scan is updated to v3.0.2.2. which added new cards support
md5: 59ff3b2a59d1f3fe856d198e1ef7ae5c
TBS IP Tool v3.0.5.5.
TBS IP Tool is updated to v3.0.5.5, which added tbs5580 support.
md5: 73e3691ea808046e634aa463aa184d07
Windows Driver for Windows 10
md5: bae3aef8ccb6d823d302fbb0c49c1f3a
Windows Driver for Windows xp/visat/7
TBS6982 Windows Driver V1.0.0.6.
md5: 4418e3df6b22f704d4e98412382d4eae