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TBS hotel IPTV solution customized integration of IPTV solution and property Management system (PMS), brings top level entertainment and guest services for your hotel business. TBS IPTV Solutions distribute DVB-S2/S, DVB-T2/T, DVB-C live TV channels and VOD programs to every hotel room all the way through other value added service, like Advertisement System, Food and Booking Service System. Normal Ethernet Solution, Fiber-optical Solution and Coaxial Cable Solution will be built up to accommodating to different hotels' existing network system. TBS will build up the whole system from head-end equipment to STB terminals.

  • Customizable integration of Hotel IPTV solutionand Hotel property Management system.
  • Streaming of DVB-S2/S, DVB-T2/T, DVB-C live TV channels and VOD programs to every hotel room.
  • Streaming content beyond the wired LAN lets hotelguests are able to enjoy entertainment channels on their portable device.
  • End-to-end solution including hardware and software, servers and terminal devices, products and services
  • Easy to deploy, manage and support with minimal Integration Cost.
Head-end Streaming System
Antenna、Live TV receiving tuner card、Encoder、IP streaming server, etc, for receiving and streaming IPTV signals.
High Speed IP Network
Can use the original local area network, optical network or cable TV coaxial network without additional deployment.
IPTV Management System
Live TV Channels, VOD programs Management Server, Content Management server, Clients Management server and Property Management server.
User interfaces & APPs
With customized UI interface, user can be able to enjoy convenient media video service, the surrounding information functions via IP STB or Smart TV/Smartphone.

Normal Ethernet Solution

Built up with Hotel's existing Ethernet network or EPON/GPON network, from head-end video source server, IPTV server to the End-user IP player, from the system hardware, system software, to the terminal player's UI, TBS provides complete IPTV system hardware and software building.

Coaxial Cable Solution

Built up with Hotel's existing coaxial cable TV structure, IPTV signal will be modulated to coaxial cable signal and transmitting to every hotel room. This solution will effectively use the existing coaxial cable structure, saving the cost of IPTV construction.

Economic IPTV solution

Economic, concise system integration, suitable for coffee shop , restaurant or vehicle carrier, especially small system integrators. It is built up with TBS industrial media server, network switch/wifi switch ect.

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