Kylone IPTV Media Platform
A full-blown and easy-to-use platform for building up IPTV broadcast system for hotel, ISP and so on
TurBoSight provides complex, flexible and cost-effectively IPTV total solutions for communities, Hotels, Schools or Coffee Shops/Restaurants. TurBoSight IPTV total solution consists of Kylone IPTV platform and series IPTV hardware, like MOI-V/MOI PRO AMD headend streaming server, IPTV Transcoder, HDMI Encoder and DVB digital TV tuner cards and Android IPTV players. All elements are designed and produced by TurBoSight, which ensure natural compatibility and stability of the system.
What will TurBoSight do to assist you to build the system ?
Consult: According to your system build plan, TurBoSight will provide advice on selecting available contents, using proper devices and software, planning the build and start-up process, and so on.
Build: TurBoSight will help to install the software, configurate the server, assist to acquire the contents and then re-broadcast in your system.
Launch and maintenance: TurBoSight will provide necessary technical training to your workers, so that they can master all management content and user skills. You will have full control via an all-in-one CMS system.
The top features of the Kylone IPTV solution
DVB-S/S2/S2X/T/T2/C, DVB-ASI, IP-Cameras, VOD, HDMI.
RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HDS, HTTP MPEG-TS, Authorization and tracking of client sessions.
SSD media cache, delivered via RTMP, HLS, HTTP, UDP.
White Label
Fully customizable design, your logo insertion, your domain name.
Use any ISP/LAN infrastructure with minimal IT intervention
Access all functions via the network configuration with browser
Up to 2,500 end users/devices
1 year of free technical support and engineer training. System upgrade for life-time.
Digital content is always the top element of an IPTV system. TurBoSight Kylone IPTV Middleware is a powerful and easy-to-use platform for delivery and management of broadcast television channels, other live content, VOD content; seamless integration of all necessary components like headend streaming servers, Encoders, Transcoders as well as user STBs, to build up a fully functional IPTV Broadcasting system throughout your LAN or ISP network.
TurBoSight Kylone IPTV platform supports unicast broadcasting, which is an ideal choice for hotel IPTV system building. We provide full support to integrate with hotel's PMS system, embed hotel introduction and local city travel information, configure the fire alarm system, customize user interface and so on.
TurBoSight Kylone IPTV platform supports multicast broadcasting, which an efficient solution for broadcasting a large number of channels to thousands of users in limited bandwidth. It is the first choice for community IPTV projects to build IPTV systems in ISP networks. Kylone will help you divide the set-top boxes into different groups and authorize different video packages. This is the basic function of building a billing system.