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Kylone digital content managing panel

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Kylone Edition Description
Steaming and Modulation Edition
  • Convert DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, HDMI, or local file to IP streams.
  • Convert video channels or IP streams to DVB-C or DVB-T signal.
Transcoding Edition Convert DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, HDMI, or local file to IP streams, change video and audio codec, compress bitrate, change FPS, overlay logo/text, or burn the subtitles into the live stream.
IPTV CMS Edition For building IPTV in LAN/ISP network, managing users and digital contents, being able to integrated with third-party PMS system.

Multiple input – DVB, ATSC-T, ISDB-T, HDMI, IP, Local file.

Support to use TBS TV tuner card receiving digital content from Satellite (DVB-S/S2/S2X), Cable (DVB-C), Terrestrial (DVB-T/T2, ATSC-C, ATSC, ISDBT), and gain digital content from IP stream and local file. For IP stream input, Kylone also supports multiple protocol, including UDP, RTP, HTTP, HLS, RTSP, Media Files, RTMP, SRT.

Powerful TS process engine

Ability to probe input sources in advance to analyze TS structure. Configure output TS structure as required, for example: define intervals, set PID mappings, etc. Furthermore, the TS structure can be tracked in real time, no matter input or output.

Transcoding and multiple output

Convert the video or audio codec, compress bitrate, change FPS, overlay logo/text, or burn the subtitles into the live stream. In a simple word, Kylone supports to convert media files from their source format into the best possible quality stream to downstream network, CDN or any other specific video distribution system.

Deliver the low latency live stream and support various type of streams output, including UDP, RTMP, HTTP, HLS(ABR), SRT.

Intelligent content and users managing

Pack the live streams and on-demand video according to the system requirement, deliver the different content package to different users group. Available to be integrated with third-party PMS system by API access. Kylone is an intelligent IPTV managing panel to build up hospitality or ISP IPTV system.

Web base interface

Be easily managed through Web base interface, allowing operators access the server, change setting, manage content at any time and any where as long as you can connect to the internet.

System monitoring

A full function dashboard allows to monitor the server CPU, Memory, Network and GPU usage. Users can be easy to check the server status and everything will be under the control.

Database Backup & Restore

Kylone supports to back up the database and system setting periodically. Operator can be easy to restore it when you need moving or recovery.

* We offer free update and debugging service in one year after you bought the license.

The new release candidate RC-1 for the new version v3.5.0 with Build 2023112121 is ready.

Here are changes;

+ Multicast (output) TTL configuration is added.
+ Auto RTP detection function is removed and new RTP option added for Multicast, Unicast and MPTS Inputs.
+ Stream preview issue on Dashboard for HDMI-Encoder is fixed.
+ EMM PID mapping support improved. New "EMM PID Offset" information added to WebUI to configure streams. 
+ "Run On-Demand" function improved (on-demand transcoding is fixed).
+ SRT output issue (related to DVB-Tuner/MPTS inputs) is fixed.
+ OS-Update made available for super-admin only.
+ TBS-Driver update functionality from WebUI is added.
+ Timezone/NTP issue for RKOS is fixed.
+ Logrotate integration is improved (Rocky-8 only). 
+ Remote-Syslog service implemented (Rocky-8 only).
+ Stream Preview function using web-based-player is added to WebUI.
+ Preprocessing feature added to "DVB-to-IP Gateway Advanced" license type.
+ TBS drivers for 4.13.11 (c7) reverted to build 20230322 due to media-library source-code version (>=8.x) vs kernel-compiler version (4.8.5) incompatibility
New RC-2 for v3.4.3 with Build 2023101120 is ready.

Here are new features;

+ TS-Engine: ES Traffic Presence Check is now configrable from the WebUI (restarts dvb-tuner/stream when the bitrate is zero) 
+ WebUI: HDMI Encoder device version information added into stream record (with "Probe Source" function)
+ WebUI: HDMI Encoder "Hardware Reset" button is implemented in Monitoring Page (-r option to reset M10V, 30 seconds suspend).
+ WebUI: Hardware-Reset button added for 6032-modulator in Monitoring Page (resets IP-Core only).

We fixed following issues;

+ System/OS: Kernel module loading (firmware) issue is fixed.
+ Issues while setting the "Signal Input Mode" of Tuners page is fixed.
+ The "Boot Delay" of the Tuner page is not usable anymore (We are using manual module installation from now on).
The new version v3.4.3, RC-1 with Build 2023100602 is ready.  

New Features & Improvements;
+ TBS Drivers updated as of 3rd of October, 2023 (aarch64 platforms are excluded: rkos and raspi).
+ TBS-6032 DVB-C modulator support is implemented.
+ SRT Output is implemented (caller mode)
+ TS-Engine: SRT server and client connections now support encryption and latency settings. 
+ TS-Engine: Stream restart if bitrate is zero (10 secs interval)
+ WebUI: Live Stream -> Summary page improvements.
+ WebUI: Enable/Disable function added to Transponder records. It can be disabled instead of un-assigning from the tuners from now on. 

+ WebUI: Status page related server crash issues are fixed.
+ WebUI: Bitrate calculation issue of network-inteface bandwidth utilisation graph is fixed.
The new release candidate RC-2 for v3.4.2 with Build 2023090800 is ready.

Here are the complete list of changes in this release;

+ TS Engine: ATSC, VCT table parse issue (crash) is fixed.
+ TS Engine: Stream restarts if too much TS-Sync (invalid packet) issues (3000 packets in 5 seconds). 
+ WebUI: HLS "Source Probe" and "TS Processing->Advanced" options are implemented.
The new RC-1 for v3.4.2 with Build 2023090400 is ready.

Here are changes;

 + OS: The last build (0824) was broken, it is fixed on this version/build.
 + TS Engine: Several crash issues and external module handling issues are solved (important fix).
 + OS: Network Inteface default settings applied for RTL chipset (igmp and rp_filter). 
 + Licensing: TBS-DVB Hardware restriction is removed from license types 85xx and 28xx.
 + Historical Utilisation Graphs added to main page under "Utilization".
 + External mods: Removing playlist.m3u8 when the external-module restarts or stops. It iwill be created when the module starts again.  
 + OS: Static Route issue is fixed for Rocky OS
 New release RC-9 for v3.4.1 with Build 2023082800 is ready. We have critical fixes in this release. Here are changes;

 - TS-Engine: Crash issues are fixed.
 - TS-Engine: "Scan" function was broken and it is fixed in this release.
 - OS: network-interface configuration related issues are fixed.