TBS2612 HD H.265/H.264 HDMI Encoder


TBS2612 HD H.265/H.264 HDMI Encoder

  • Model: TBS2612
  • Weight: 700.00g



TBS2612 HD H.265/H.264 HDMI Encoder is a professional audio and video encoding products, which support 1-channel audio and video capture features high-definition HDMI, 1 3.5MM independent audio interface acquisition, dual streamingH.265/ H.264 encoded output format, audio MP3, AAC formats. It could be freely adjusted according to the need. The device is highly integrated, cost-effective. Support HTTP / RTSP / RTP / RTMP / UDP protocols etc. It is easy to install, plug-play, and there is no computer hardware compatibility issues.

Key features

  • Support resolution 1920x1080p/1920x1080i/1280x720p/720*576i/720*576p /640*480i (customize)
    • Support HDMI input,H.265 The latest architecture
    • Supports WINDOWS and LINUX
    • Support multiple devices display on a computer at the same time
  • Support RTSP/RTP/RTMP/HTTP/UDP/HLS unicast and multicast protocol (RTMP support adding users and changing passwords)
  • Support Main TS stream and the sub TS stream use in different network protocols for transmission, h.264/h.265
    Encoding level: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (the higher the level, the larger of the code flow fluctuation ratio )
  • Coding Standards BASELINE PROFILE / MAIN PROFILE / HIGH PROFILE, H.265: audio MP3, AAC, sampling rate: 32000,44100, etc., encoded audio bit rate: 48K, 64K, 96K, 128K, 160K, 192K, 256K
    • Rate Control CBR / VBR 16KBIT / S ~ 12MBIT / S
    • Video packaging: A mode: FFMPEG, B mode: VLC
    • Transmission: TCP, UDP, 1000M (RJ45 Duplex network port)
  • Support WEB access in Chinese/English, passwords changing, WAN remote management (WEB)
  • Support OSD, support OSD rolling, images superimposing, support adding LOGO, Characters and symbols;
    Adjustable coordinates: 1920x1080; The font size resolution: 8 to 72.
  • Support DHCP gaining IP automatic, support One-key recovery, upgrade and remote maintenance
  • Image settings: contrast ratio, brightness, tones, saturation, noise detection, sharpness, filtering
  • Support build-in or external methods, support left and right sound channel, Support audio gain, be able to turn volume individually
  • Support coding without video signal;
  • Complete the setting effect immediately, don’t need to restart
  • Support one-key recovery of the default configuration
  • Support set-top box decoder
  • The low power consumption design


Product model TBS2612 HD HDMI encoder
Input 1 HDMI input, 1 3.5MM channel audio input
Output 1 channel IP signal output
Video Input resolution 1920x1080p / 1920x1080i / 1280x720p / 720*576i / 720*576p / 640*480iAnd other conventional resolution
Coding standard H.265/H.264
Coding level H.265 main profile H.264 BASELINE PROFILEH.264 MAIN PROFILEH.264 HIGH PROFILE
Encoded size 640*360 ~ 1920*1080(Can customize)
Video bit rate Rate control: CBR/VBR 16KBIT/S~12MBIT/S
Video frame rate 30
OSD Character, images
Audio Input selection 1 channel embedded audio hdmi, 1 channel 3.5MM independent audio support audio gain
Audio coding AAC/MP3
Audio bit rate 64Kb/s ~ 384Kb/s
Sampling rate 32000、44100, 48000 etc
IPoutput 1 RJ 100M / 1000M adaptive Ethernet port, TS stream standard, dual-stream, ONVIF protocol
System Network protocol Supports HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, UDP, multicast, unicast
Configuration management Support IE configuration, remote upgrade
The common use Power supply 12V~2A
power consumption 5W
Size 103mm * 70mm * 25mm(length*width*height)
Operating temperature -20℃+ 60℃
Working humidity < 90%, Non-condensing
Weight 0.18KG
Our company reserves the right to adjust the product parameters, if you have any questions please contact us to check