IP-ASI / ASI-IP Device

TBS690B is a Quad output DVB-ASI transmit PCI-e card, which can convert transport stream to DVB-ASI signal, with PCI-e interface, it can use together with servers or PC which have ..

TBS8012 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway supports to grab MPTS or SPTS streams from 16 ASI inputs, and allows to select and multiplex desired input programs from each DVB-ASI stream, outputs ..

TBS260B IP to ASI Gigabits converter is a head-end interface device which is used for DVB ASI and Ethernet. As a kind of IP receiver, this device can recover RTP/UDP database recei..

TBS690A is a DVB-ASI capture card with 4 channels input, which is used to receive DVB transport streams, and the transport streams can be single programs or multi programs. TBS690A..

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